Capital is an online publication about how things work in New York. more

Gradspot is a Web site dedicated to helping college students transition into the “real world.” more

Brad Holland

It was an honor to work on artist Brad Holland’s website, whose work Randi studied at school. more

China’s Green Future

This website is the online presence for NRDC’s project to accelerate the greening of China, one of the organization’s six institutional priorities. more


DermTV is a weekly Webcast dedicated to skin care. more

The Death of Why

The promotional Web site for Andrea Batista Schlesinger’s book, “The Death of Why,” has information about the book, the author, a calendar of appearances, a press page and a blog. more


Travelgoat is an interactive travel community dedicated to making urban exploration easy, fun and when needed, completely customized. more

Break Room Live

This web design is sadly no longer live, but Break Room Live had been a weekly online TV show hosted by Marc Maron and Sam Seder on Air America. more

The New York Observer

The New York Observer, New York’s smartest tabloid had New York’s smartest design, once upon a time. This site design was live from 2007–2009. more