Randi Hazan, founder + creative director

Randi Hazan is a highly esteemed designer with over a decade of experience creating irresistible customized print and web design solutions. During that time, she has worked on a vast array of projects—identity design, online publications, non-profit communications, and commercial promotions—establishing Hazan and Company, which she founded in 2002, as an innovative design leader. Beyond her creative vision, boundless energy, and business acumen, she attributes the company’s success to her design philosophy: the perfect solution to every project lies within the project itself.

She has been elected an honorary member of the Society of Illustrators for her design work on their annual publications. She has also served as a juror for a Society of Illustrators’ national illustration competition. Additionally, she has taught graphics software, and given lectures on typography, design, and production systems to corporate art departments. Randi currently blogs about plants and other things at hazanotations, and co-curates Number of the Day—a blog devoted to the aesthetic appreciation of numerals.

She holds a BFA from Parsons School of Design.

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