Fovea Editions

Fovea Exhibitions is an organization whose mission is to educate through visual journalism. more

Jewish Funds for Justice

This logo redesign was inspired by the merger of two organizations in 2006, resulting in the new organization, Jewish Funds for Justice. more

Afrokinetic Records

If the design of the logo and the flyers for this party and New York City record label conveyed as much fun as it was to design them, then they were a clear success. more

Promotional Brochure

After its logo redesign was complete, this booklet served as the primary print promotion for Marjorie’s Kitchen, a gourmet catering company. more

Moda Café

Moda Café is a now-defunct Spanish café, wine bar and performance space in Brooklyn, NY. more


Lowa was a clothing design company with a glamorous street style geared to the urban princess. more