Pacific Standard Magazine

Pacific Standard is a young magazine making huge waves in the publishing world for its reporting on economics, society, education and environment. Pacific Standard came to Hazan + Co. seeking a sexy new front-end design that would be light, responsive … more

OnEarth Magazine

OnEarth, a magazine and website published by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is about the environment and its impact on how we live—and vice versa. We recently redesigned the website to streamline the architecture, showcase photography and highlight the … more

Columbia Journalism Review

Columbia Journalism Review encourages excellence in journalism through a mix of reporting, analysis and commentary of the media business. The new site design accentuates visual accessibility and streamlines content layout for clarity and readability. The web development is by Michael … more

Rutgers University Newark

Rutgers University Newark is the most diverse campus in the country. The site design showcases the school’s unique qualities while providing a no-nonsense navigation experience. Hazan+Co. worked on the information architecture, content structure and front-end visual design for this project. … more

Tracking State Transportation Dollars

Tracking State Transportation Dollars is a project of the Tri-State Transportation Campaign that visually analyzes and categorizes transportation spending projects at a state-by-state level. The site was featured on NRDC’s Switchboard blog, which highlighted its organization and easy-to-use navigation. Hazan+Co. … more

The Fix

The Fix is a daily website about addiction and recovery that launched in March 2011. more


OnEarth is a magazine and website about the environment and its impact on how we live—and vice versa—published by the Natural Resources Defense Council. more


Capital is an online publication about how things work in New York. more

Gradspot is a Web site dedicated to helping college students transition into the “real world.” more